We publish neighbourhood cultural guides that enthuse and inspire.


First and foremost, our teams do this because they love where they live, and want to see their neighbourhoods celebrated. We create the kind of publications we want to read: authentic, informed and brimming with passion.


Quality editorial with an unrivaled depth of local knowledge, dedicated to specific parts of London. Our growing network of websites and print magazines invite readers to take a fresh, positive look at all these areas have to offer.


Showcasing the best places, people and events in real detail, each publication strengthens a sense of community while providing a valuable platform that enables local businesses to thrive.

Our network specialises in highly engaged, location-based audiences.

We fuel people’s excitement for where they live, work or play. Our titles quickly become a vital part of their daily urban routine, and by earning trust and always being relevant, we can cut through all the noise and distractions.


Free geographically-targeted newspapers and magazines offer a tangible, proven way to get advertising messages into the hands of thousands of  Londoners, who are guaranteed to be nearby.


From social media and email campaigns to sponsored content, we offer results to advertisers who value our unique relationship with local-level audiences, plus the ability to scale across London via the full network, too.

The Network, in numbers

  • 8   Websites
  • 4   Print titles
  • 260k   Monthly readers
  • 140k   Social media followers
  • 500k   Organic monthly social media reach
  • 8   Websites
  • 4   Print titles
  • 260k   Monthly readers
  • 140k   Social media followers
  • 500k   Organic monthly social media reach

The Publications

Print + Online



Magazines are intrinsic to urban placemaking. So why are they usually so bland? We do it differently.

London Belongs to Me offers a unique placemaking solution.
Our magazine titles celebrate unheralded and emerging neighbourhoods, without becoming boring corporate mouthpieces. Here’s how:


Real journalists, not marketing department copywriters. Proper stories, not promotional content.


Expertly subbed copy. Commissioned photography. A long reputation for outstanding print & online publishing.


An independent culture guide for your area, within our established network. A must-read for locals and visitors alike.


A showpiece for everything positive that’s going on. A celebration of vibrancy and a statement of intent.

Like to find out more about a placemaking title for your area?